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25 White elephant gift ideas no one will be embarrassed by

The holiday season is prime time for fun gift exchanges. But finding funny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers or others that aren’t inappropriate or embarrassing can be difficult. Whether you’re shopping for a funny coworker gift or your teen’s secret Santa gift exchange, I’ve got ideas for you!

Many times, funny Christmas gifts tend to be more on the adult side of things. But, some of the best gifts are also incredibly funny holiday gifts! There’s a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate. We’ve found the perfect funny gift ideas that won’t embarrass anyone.

All of these fun gifts are on Amazon, so that makes them even easier. Just place your order and one of these funniest Christmas gifts will show up on your doorstep!

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Animal themed hilarious gifts

Animals are always popular. Whether you’re a dog lover or cat lover, this wide array of silly gifts is animal themed and sure to tickle your funny bone!

This snail soap dispenser makes me smile. It is a bit on the gross side to think of using snail snot as a soap dispenser, but funny gifts are what gag gifts are all about!

Gag gift ideas: snail soap dispenser

Animal lovers are sure to love this four-pack of animal socks to make your feet look like a dog’s, cat’s or tigers. How fun are these?!

Gag gift ideas: Animal feet socks

I’m pretty sure almost all of us have seen the screaming goat videos. Bring the screaming goat to a tabletop near you with this funny screaming goat figure. It comes with a small paperback book to give you ideas of when you just might need to hear the goat scream. Who doesn’t want to give the gift of laughter?!

Gag gift ideas: Screaming goat figurine and book

This gift sounds gross, but it’s a great gift for juvenile humor and tasty, too. This reindeer barf is actually colorful, chewy strings of licorice. I’d give it a try!

Gag gift ideas: Reindeer barf candy

As one of the most inexpensive gifts on the list, this squirrel hand puppet is a perfect funny Christmas gift idea. It’s a small gift that packs a big smile!

Gag gift ideas: Squirrel hand puppet

More for decoration than use, this hanging cat washcloth is certainly the perfect gift for cat lovers. It comes in a variety of different cats.

Gag gift ideas: Hanging cat washcloth

These cat paw oven mitts are so adorable whoever you give them to will want to start baking right away!

Gag gift ideas: cat paw oven mitts

Food themed coworker gifts

Along with animals, everyone loves food. This Christmas season, a variety of funny items make the best stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts you can find!

Even if your recipient doesn’t like pickles, they’re sure to love this fun yodeling pickle! You really can’t play it without having a good laugh.

Gag gift ideas: Yodeling pickle

Everyone knows someone who loves pickles. But would they love pickle cotton candy as a Christmas present? It’s worth a try!

Gag gift ideas: Pickle flavored cotton candy

I mean, bacon is delicious. Embrace your inner bacon lover self — and big sense of humor — with this bacon flavored toothpaste.

Gag gift ideas: Bacon flavored toothpaste

If you love bacon, but toothpaste isn’t quite your thing, check out these bacon bandages! Bandages are usually a practical gift, but these are great choice for a gag gift exchange.

Gag gift ideas: Bacon bandages

Who can resist cheesy jokes? I am a huge fan of cheesy, dad-type jokes. This stack of cheesy joke cards look like cheese slices and are a great way to get some laughs.

Gag gift ideas: Cheesy joke cards

Of all the gag gift ideas I came across in working on Christmas gift guides, this one intrigues me the most. I can’t help but to be curious how these Lester’s Fixins outrageous flavor sodas taste. They come in a pack of six bottles that include soda flavors like ranch dressing, pumpkin pie and bacon.

Gag gift ideas: Outrageous flavor sodas

I love chocolate. These “If you can read this, bring me chocolate” socks are one of those cheap gifts I relate to so much!

Gag gift ideas: "If you can read this, bring me chocolate" socks

Toy and other novelty funny office gifts

The good news is that you’re never too old for toys! These toys and other novelty gifts can be great stress relievers and are sure to be a hit at your Christmas party.

Gag gift ideas that are annoying and funny work well. And this voice changer is perhaps the best way to fit into both categories.

Gag gift ideas: Multi voice changer

If you’re looking for a gag gift that might take a second before you get it (unless you are faster than I am), check out this can of dehydrated water. I love that this gift offers a funny saying without being initially obvious about it. All you need to do to have water is add water! 

Gag gift ideas: Dehydrated water

There’s not a more classic gag gift idea than the good ol’ snake in a can. What looks like a can of chips is really a snake ready to spring out when you pop the top. Classics are classics for a reason!

Gag gift ideas: Snake in a can

This desktop boxing set, complete with a rule book, is a perfect present for an office party. Help your co-worker take out frustration at their desk!

Gag gift ideas: Desktop boxing set with a rule book

This talking Bob Ross bobblehead, which comes with a small book of some of his paintings, is a gag gift that gives back. Next time you need a pep talk or soothing voice to calm you down, just press the button!

Gag gift ideas: talking Bob Ross bobblehead with book of paintings

I’m not sure what to say about these, except that as a child of the 1980s, these mullet socks crack me up! What better way to show some retro spirit?

Gag gift ideas: American mullet socks

I LOVE Mad Libs, oftentimes even more than playing a board game. And I actually have these very Mad Libs. You can’t go wrong combining The Golden Girls with Mad Libs

Gag gift ideas: The Golden Girls Mad Libs

While these record coasters are effective and nostalgic, they’re also hilarious with song titles offering a variety of options like “Don’t spill the tea,” “Protect the surface” and “Rest on me.”

Gag gift ideas: Record coasters

Who said that funny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers can’t be educational? Check out “The Book of Unusual Knowledge.” It’s full of random, interesting facts that can make for great conversation starters!

Gag gift ideas: The Book of Unusual Knowledge

This Christmas hat will keep your head warm and light up. Easily get into the holiday spirit with this festive headpiece!

Gag gift ideas: Light-up Christmas hat

Wrap it up

To wrap it all up, these funny gift bags are a great idea to wrap your gag gift. They have funny sayings like, “Remember it’s the thought that counts,” “Just act like you love it” and “Definitely not regifted as far as you know.” 

Gag gift ideas: Funny gift bags

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Funny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag giftsFunny Christmas gift ideas for coworkers: 25 clean gag gifts