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Stacey A. Shannon

I’m so glad you’re here! Families with Grace is for Christian moms by a Christian mom. It’s a safe place for the modern Christian mom to find resources and tools to help her in parenting, marriage and growing in faith.

Hang around and you’ll find content that encourages and uplifts moms while also being realistic, honest and practical.

Founded on the belief that we need grace for and from our families the very most, Families with Grace views motherhood as a ministry that needs to be intentionally grown and cared for.

Have you ever felt lonely as a mom?

I sure have — and I’m an introvert! Being a mom can be so consuming and leave us with little time for anything else, including connecting with others. But we mamas weren’t made to live in isolation. God made us to live in community!

Families with Grace is that place for Christian moms to come and find others like her. We’ve got all sorts of articles and free printables to help you feel less alone as you grow as a mom, wife and follower of Jesus. Grab your favorite beverage and spend some time here, hanging out like a friend — because that’s exactly how I think of you already!

An easy way to grow closer to your family and God

Download your free 7-Day family devotional today!

Having devotional time is important for our faith walk. Finding the time as a mom to make that happen can be challenging! (I totally use my time in the bathroom getting ready each morning to talk with God!) We also want to teach our children about God. More than anything, I want my own two kiddos to really, truly know God.

Doing a family devotional together is a great way to make that happen. Get started right now with the 7-day “Finding Grace at Home” family devotional book. Each devotional takes about five minutes with your family to draw you closer to each other and to God.

Be part of our community for Christian moms like you!

Be sure to also join our literal community! We have a private Facebook group called Moms with Grace where we gather and have daily discussions about life, family, faith and silliness. Moms with Grace is a safe space for Christian moms to encourage and uplift one another. Plus, each month you’ll get a bonus free printable!

Speaking of free printables, be sure to check out the Families with Grace Free Christian Printables Library to find all sorts of great resources for your family. You’ll find Scripture cards, coloring pages, devotionals, prayers, Bible verses, a cookbook, family games, DIY resurrection eggs, a Christmas countdown and much more!

Let's connect and get you some more freebies!

Check out these additional great resources from Families with Grace!

Along with the great content here and the Moms with Grace private Facebook group, you can find additional resources from Families with Grace on both Etsy and Amazon. And since you’re here, enjoy an extra 10% off everything in the Families with Grace Etsy store by using the coupon code FWGFAN!

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Who is Stacey A. Shannon?

I’m a Christian mom of two school-aged kiddos who has been happily married to my high school sweetheart for nearly 25 years. I fell in love with writing as a child and continue to love the entire writing process. I am passionate about my faith, my family and reaching out to other moms who are in the fray of life.

My two degrees in journalism help me to produce great content that you’ll find helpful and relatable. I’m not a perfect person and do my best to share real-life experiences that is practical and encouraging. I love to hear from other Christian moms about their own motherhood journey. We weren’t made to be on this journey alone. Let’s connect and together grow homes filled with grace, love and faith!

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