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Books from Stacey A. Shannon

Books from Stacey A. Shannon

Along with the great content on Families with Grace to support Christian moms, Stacey A. Shannon also offers a variety of books. These can be easily purchased on Amazon. Some are also available on Kindle and part of Kindle Unlimited. Click the book cover to go to Amazon and complete the purchase.

“The Christian Couple’s Journal: 100 Days to Strengthen Your Relationship”

The Christian Couple’s Journal is a prompted journal with 100 days of activities to strengthen your relationship both with your spouse and with God.

Finding time to connect in the midst of life’s busyness can be challenging, but this journal is a great way to help you and your spouse make time for each other. In just a few minutes each day, you can grow your relationship.

Inside you’ll find

  • 60 unique writing prompts that thought-provoking about your marriage and your spiritual journey
  • 10 journal pages with marriage-related Bible verses
  • 10 date ideas complete with food and activity ideas
  • 10 pages to share your gratitude about each other
  • 10 pages to connect over your love story and how well you know each other

Join other Christian couples like you and connect in all new ways with The Christian Couple’s Journal.

“The Christian Woman’s Gratitude Journal”

“The Christian Woman’s Gratitude and Prayer Journal” is perfect for any woman wanting to focus on the positive things in her life and keep track of her feelings in a simple way.

The journal includes 30 pages of unique prompts, 10 pages with inspirational and encouraging quotes and 10 encouraging devotionals to inspire you to write even more. The prompt pages each have a section to list three of something positive, a question to answer, a place to mark your feeling for the day and a prayers section.

The prayers section allows you to keep track of what you are praying about and for on that day. Each page also has a place at the top to write the date, so you can do the pages daily or whatever works best for your schedule.

The encouraging devotionals will inspire you and give you practical ways to grow in your spiritual walk as you learn to focus on gratitude in your life.

The journal prompts include both spiritual and general topics. For example, you list three people for whom you’re thankful and write about something someone said to make you happy on one day. On another day, you list three of your current favorite worship songs and write your favorite Bible verse.

“The Christian Woman’s Gratitude Journal” is ideal for any Christian woman wanting to grow in her walk with God, keep track of her feelings, manage anxiety and improve her attitude of gratitude. Buy it for yourself, for a friend or both!

The Christian Woman's Gratitude Journal is a prompted gratitude and prayer journal that also includes 10 encouraging devotionals.

“Connecting with Grace: A Mother and Daughter Shared Journal”

Connecting with grace is a faith-based mother and daughter shared journal.

Freelance journalist and blogger, Stacey A. Shannon, and her tween daughter, Lexi, have released their first book together, “Connecting with Grace: A Mother and Daughter Shared Journal.”

Stacey and Lexi saw a need for a faith-based approach to a mother and daughter shared journal. So, they decided to create one together.

“Connecting with Grace,” which is available on Amazon, has 50 different writing prompts and 10 one-on-one activities to help bring moms and their daughters closer together. Topics include funny experiences, relationships, womanhood, friends, family, school, faith and more.

Each prompt has a page for the mom to write and a page for the daughter to write. A Bible verse or inspirational quote is on every page, even the blank pages dispersed throughout the journal for moms and daughters to write about whatever is on their mind.

Shared journals are great for moms and daughters to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a unique way. Often moms and daughters find they can be more open through writing than speaking face-to-face.

“A Family Christmas: 25 Days of 5-Minute Family Christmas Devotions, Volume 1” (for younger children)

A Family Christmas: 25 Days of 5-Minute Christmas Devotions for Families with Small Children

While the Christmas season is all about God’s gift to us through His Son, Jesus, it is also a hectic time for most families. Maintaining a home filled with grace, love and faith during hectic times is challenging. However, “A Family Christmas, Volume 1” is designed to help your family do so for a few minutes each day Dec. 1 through 25. Though each family is different, each devotion will only take around 5 minutes.

You’ll find a Bible verse (or two), a discussion question and a prayer for every day. The Bible verses are all included for you from the International Children’s Bible. The discussion question allows you flexibility and is ideal for families with younger children.

Finally, the daily prayer can be read as written or you can pray your own prayer – however God is leading your heart.

“A Family Christmas, Volume 2: 25 Days of 5-Minute Family Christmas Devotions for Older Children”

While the Christmas season is all about God’s gift to us through His Son, Jesus, it is also a hectic time for most families.

“A Family Christmas, Volume 2” is designed to help your family come together and remember why we celebrate Christmas for a few minutes each day, Dec. 1 through 25. The devotions only take around 5 minutes and include Bible verses, discussion questions and prayers.

These Christmas devotions are perfect for upper elementary kiddos through teens, but they can also work for younger children.

Make this devotion part of your Advent Devotional routine!

A Family Christmas devotion book, volume 2, is ideal for families with upper elementary through teenage kiddos.

Ultimate Kids’ Road Trip Activity Book and Journal: A road trip activity book for kids 8-12

Ultimate Kids' Road Trip Activity Book & Journal

The “Ultimate Kids Road Trip Activity Book and Travel Journal” is a must-have companion for young adventurers on the go! Packed with a wide variety of engaging activities such as scavenger hunts, alphabet games, challenges and more, this book ensures hours of entertainment during road trips. Kids can write silly stories, solve puzzles, lead family conversations and even unleash their creativity with coloring pages. The dedicated travel journal pages allow them to capture and cherish precious memories. With its durable design and compact size, this activity book is perfect for family journeys, making every road trip an unforgettable adventure for kids aged 8-12.

“Ultimate Teen Travel Activity Book and Journal: Road trip or plane activities for teens”

Experience the greatest travel companion for adventurous teens with this “Ultimate Teen Travel Activity Book and Journal!” Packed with engaging games, puzzles, conversation starters and more, this book guarantees endless fun during long journeys. Embark on a selfie scavenger hunt, challenge your mind with word searches and Sudoku, and document your incredible adventures in the travel journal pages. With something for everyone, both teens and parents will love this entertaining and interactive book. Make travel time a blast with the “Ultimate Teen Travel Activity Book” – the perfect companion for every trip!