30+ White elephant gift ideas under $20

White elephant gift ideas that are good, clean fun — and can be delivered right to your door!

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While figuring out gifts in general can be a challenge, one of the categories I struggle with the most is white elephant gifts. It’s hard to find something out-of-the-ordinary and maybe funny but also not too much money. And also appropriate. Searches for white elephant gift ideas often bring up results that are PG-13 or R-rated.

So I dis some searching and put together a list of white elephant gift ideas for $20 or less that are fun and will be a hit at any gift exchange!

Office fun

How fun is this desktop wacky waving inflatable guy? He can be yours for only $7.99.

$7.99 and Prime

If you’re stuck at the office, you might as well have some fun on your break or if you’re on a long call. Enter desktop mini games like this desktop tetherball or desktop basketball game.

$7.98 and Prime
$14.99 and Prime

It’s a little gross, but this nose pencil sharpener works, could come in handy and is sure to make everyone at the gift exchange giggle.

$4.97 and Prime

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but I don’t feel like you can ever really have enough notepads. I love the fun of this adulting notepad that also allows you to mark off important adult things you’ve done for the day like taking a vitamin or wearing pants.

$5.95 and Prime

And sometimes you just need a sticker for doing serious adult living.

$9.02 and Prime

If you’re going to have to cut things, you might as well do so with toucan scissors!

$11.86 and Prime

This adorable little Groot flower pot works for a plant, as a pencil holder or whatever else. It’s so stinking cute that it would be in demand at a white elephant gift exchange!

$11.98 and Prime One-Day

Funny books

I am a sucker for a good punny joke, which means this book of dad jokes would be something I’d legitimately find amusing — and I’m guessing I’m not alone. It’d be a great white elephant gift!

$8.29 and Prime

This book of useless information that would be fun and interesting plus sure to spark some conversation!

$9.25 and Prime

Having a worst case scenario handbook sounds like a joke, but it could actually come in handy — maybe!

$13.19 and Prime

Sometimes you just have to have a good insult in Shakespearean style!

$10.42 and Prime

Fun socks

Novelty socks are always good for some laughs. I’ve seen socks that say “If you can read this, bring me…” But, I’ve not seen a pair that ended with “tacos” until now! There are other options, too, like coffee ($5.99), doughnuts (7.99) and bacon ($7.99).

$8.99 and Prime

You can’t beat these socks that look like you’re wearing sandals with socks!

$10.75 and Prime

Golden Girls socks?! I’m not sure these are white elephant because they are just pretty stinking awesome!

$9.46 to $13.98 and Prime

A tad bit pricier at $19.99, these set of sushi socks will be sure to have everyone talking at the white elephant gift exchange.

$19.99 and Prime

Fun home products

This bed-shaped sponge holder makes me grin every time I see it. It’s silly and fun!

$12.90 and Prime

For a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, consider this cereal killer spoon.

$12.99 and Prime

Fun ice cube trays can also make for some good white elephant gift options. These two options were my favorites: dogs and the United States.

$6.99 and Prime
$10.65 and Prime

Dishwasher magnets that tell you whether your dishes are clean or dirty can be fun like this one featuring different colors and Peanut characters.

$7.79 and free shipping

I like tabletop vacuum. We have a plain one that we use all the time. But this cow tabletop vacuum cracks me up and would be great for a white elephant gift exchange.

$10.99 and Prime

Cactus-shaped tea light candles are pretty interesting and come in different styles to pick from.

$9.99 to $16.99 and Prime

Staying with the cactus theme, check out these fun cactus shaped dryer balls. You can get one for $9.50 with Prime or two for $19 with free shipping.

$9.50 and Prime for one; $19 and free shipping for two

Funny mugs

Yep. Mugs are technically home products, but with so many different funny ones they needed their own category! Here are all of my favorites:

$9.95 and Prime
$12.99 and Prime
$12.99 and Prime
$15.95 and Prime
$9.99 and Prime

Misc. fun stuff

And then there were a few other finds that I had to include for white elephant gift ideas like this bacon flavored lip balm. I’m quite intrigued!

$5.98 and Prime

My son would totally love if I came home from a white elephant gift exchange with this Ninjabread cookie mix.

$11.95 and Prime

This basket head game could be the next family game or opened and played at your white elephant gift exchange party.

$10.99 and Prime

Even non-artistic folks (like me!) can handle paint by numbers, right? This adorable Bob Ross paint by number kit comes with everything needed to make tiny masterpieces.

$5.99 and Prime One-Day
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30+ White elephant gift ideas under $2030+ White elephant gift ideas under $20