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Coming up with the best Christmas gift ideas for mom friends can be challenging. Finding the best gifts for even your own mom or mother-in-law is challenging! 

Honestly, sometimes I struggle to come up with the best gift ideas for myself. I mean, my actual Christmas list would include things like: naptime, no laundry for a month, chocolate that doesn’t have sugar or calories, lazy days and food I didn’t plan, shop and make! I find it difficult to come up with gift ideas for myself many times, so I understand why my family can struggle.

Here’s the thing about Christmas and moms, though. We work really hard to make sure the holiday is festive and happy for everyone around us. Having a thoughtful gift under the tree for us is much appreciated. And these gift ideas do just that.

Use these gift-giving ideas for mom friends, yourself, family members or anyone who is a mom!

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Mom apparel

Lots of mom apparel utilizes sarcastic humor. While that’s OK, I love more positive mom apparel. In fact, I created my own line of mom apparel on Zazzle filled with minimalist designs I love and a mix of sweet and humorous mom shirts.

I love giving unique gifts, and this shirt fits the bill. With its slogan: “I run on chocolate, grace and Jesus” it’s the perfect present for any mom friend!

Christmas gift ideas for mom: I run on chocolate, grace and Jesus shirt

This shirt is a terrific best mom friend gift. We all need the reminder that we are rocking our mom journey with grace.

Christmas gift ideas for mom: Mom with grace T-shirt

This perfect gift for moms came from the realization that I have nothing saying I’m the world’s best mom, but my husband has quite a few. This came up when my daughter decided to be a tired mom for Halloween. I’m guessing any mommy friend would appreciate this sentiment!

Christmas gift ideas for mom: World's Best Mom shirt

The ideal Christmas gift for moms is one that reminds her how blessed she is. Busy moms in the fray of daily life and the holiday season can sometimes overlook the little things (and big things) that are such a blessing.

Christmas gift ideas for mom: Blessed beyond measure shirt

This shirt might be good encouragement for new moms who are struggling with sleep exhaustion. But all moms would love this reminder of how terrific it is to be a mama!

Christmas gift ideas for mom: Mom life is the best life shirt

Beyond shirts, other mom apparel option is hats. Whether she’s having a bad hair day or just needs to block the sun, a cute mom hat can be a great option for any mom friend. . 

I love this hat that simply says “Mom.” The best part is that it comes in a variety of options for colors. 

Purple denim mom hat that comes in a variety of colors

This “Mama” hat is simple and would be a special gift for any mom.

And all of us moms have a mama bear hiding inside of us that comes out when she’s needed. That’s what makes this adorable mama bear hat such a good gift idea!

Denim mama bear hat

Don’t forget to keep her tootsies warm with these adorable mama bear slippers that come in various patterns and colors. They’re a great idea to use in gift baskets for moms as well!

Mom jewelry

I’ve loved jewelry since I was a toddler, so my mind also goes to jewelry as a great gift for mom friends. Every day I wear a ring that has my children’s names on it along with their birthstones. I also have a necklace of a mama bird with eggs that match my children’s birthstones that I got a few years ago for less than $20 and wear it a few times each week. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry to be meaningful and make a great gift. None of these options cost more than $35! Jewelry makes for amazing gifts that make your holiday shopping easier.

This necklace is a great way for moms to showcase their kiddos in beautiful jewelry. The stones come in different colors to reflect the birth months of your children. You can get this necklace with two to six children. 

Mother's heart necklace with simulated birthstones for 2 to 6 children

This simple mom bracelet comes in both gold and silver finishes. It’s easily adjustable and on the back side of the mom charm it says “Bonded by love, connected for life.” How sweet is that?!

Mom bracelet

These custom necklaces offer a more subtle way to showcase birthstones for moms. If your friend loves jewelry, she’s sure to love one of these necklaces that offers one to five jewels.

Mother and child birthstone necklace

If your mom friend has a daughter, then this sweet mother and daughter necklace is a heartfelt gift she’ll enjoy sharing with her daughter as well.

Mother and daughter necklace that also comes in a bracelet

​Available in gold, silver and rose gold, this mama bear necklace can hold up to five baby bears. This would be an ideal gift for a close friend that she’d love to wear!

Mama bear necklace that is customizable

For your mom friends with two children, this sterling silver infinity pendant necklace is the perfect present because it includes the whole family.

Books for moms

Books are also great Christmas gift ideas for mom. She’ll appreciate a good book that refreshes and uplifts her. 

Christian mom friends will enjoy this “Bible Promises for Moms” from Heidi St. John. It’s a pocket-sized book of Scriptures and short devotions to encourage and uplift moms. In just a few minutes a day, your mom friend can put this book to good use and grow in her faith.

"Bible promise for moms" by Heidi St. John

One gift all moms appreciate is quality time with their children. This two-person coloring book is a great way for a mom and child to bond while coloring side-by-side.

Color with mom: A 2-person coloring book

Another good idea for quality time is this mom and daughter shared journal. Moms and their daughters take turns writing in the journal with its prompts. It’s one of the best products to bring Christian moms and daughters together.

Connecting with grace is a faith-based mother and daughter shared journal.

Sarah Young’s entire “Jesus Calling” book series has been popular for years for a reason: it’s well written and powerful. “Jesus Calling for Moms” is an excellent gift for moms. It has 50 devotions written just for mamas’ hearts. 

"Jesus Calling for Moms" by Sarah Young

This year-long book of prayers offers prayers for moms to cover all circumstances of life.

"Midnight Mom Devotional" by Becky Thompson and Susan K. Pitts

I can’t compile a list of gift ideas for moms and not include “The Christian Woman’s Gratitude Journal.” This prompted gratitude and prayer journal also includes 10 encouraging devotionals and makes a great gift. Pair it with a nice ink pen to turn it into a gift set any mama will enjoy!

Sentimental sign gifts for mom

We moms enjoy being appreciated and loved, so sometimes a sentimental sign gift can be perfect. Check out these ideas:

For the boy mom friend in your life, this framed wall art states: “A woman with all sons will be surrounded by handsome men the rest of her life.” So cute!

Sometimes a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor can be the perfect gift from one mom to another. Like this sign that declares: “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

What mom says goes, right? OK. We moms know that our rules should be the final word. This fun gift can be a great option for a mom friend!

We all need a reminder that we aren’t — and can’t! — be perfect. This box sign does just that!

This framed Mom wall art features Proverbs 31:25-30 in the background. It’s a great gift idea for Christian moms in your life. (And it also has an Aunt and Grandma option.)

Photo gifts for mom

This family tree picture frame stand holds six photos. It’s one of those Christmas gift ideas for mom friends that most moms would enjoy. After all, she gets to decorate this tree with faces of her favorite people!

If your mom friend has a green thumb, this plant and picture frame combo makes a nice gift. She can put in her own plant or flowers or use the vase to store other things like writing utensils or decorative rocks.

Having a combined two photo frames and felt letter board, this would be a great gift for moms. The character set for the letter board includes 160 letters, emojis and symbols so she can truly make it her own.

If you’re doing some Christmas shopping for a new mom or mom-to-be, this ultrasound picture frame that simply says “Love at first sight” would be a perfect present.

For a more last-minute gift, a gift card or subscription service for a photo printing company like Shutterfly, Vistaprint or Snapfish also are ideal for moms who also have photos to manage. She can print her own photos and photo products.

Cups and mugs for moms

Whether it’s a water bottle, tumbler or coffee mug, moms appreciate having something to keep them hydrated. And we’ve found some great gift ideas that fall into this category.

Let’s start with this super sweet option for moms (or anyone!). It says: “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome so this is your reminder.” You can get it as a mug or 20-ounce tumbler with a few different color options.

Or keep it simple with this retro vibe “Mama” stainless steel tumbler. It holds 20 ounces and comes with straws and a straw cleaner. It has a variety of options that include options like autism mom, dog mom, boy mom, grandma and best mom ever.

Remember the days of having clubs we made up during recess? Update that to adulthood to make this “Cool Moms Club” tumbler a best friend gift.

Sometimes having just a plain tumbler fits your friend the most. This stainless steel vacuum insulated 40-ounce tumbler has a handle and comes in a variety of colors. Plus it’s dishwasher safe, comes with its own straw and is leakproof!

If your mom friend enjoys coffee, tea, hot chocolate or mugs in general, then we’ve got some great options for those as well! Let’s start with a simple “Mom Life” mug that comes in two different color options.

And then we’ve got to move onto funny coffee mugs for moms. For the girl mom in your life, this might be a good option since it says: “May your coffee be stronger than your daughter’s attitude.”

We’ll round out this gift guide of Christmas gift ideas for mom friends with this 14-ounce coffee tumbler that gives an amusing and honest definition for “Mom.”

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