One simple tweak to a brownie box mix makes all the difference!

This hack is super easy to make brownie box mixes so fudgy and delicious. When everyone asks for the recipe, it's up to you whether to share the hack! #Baking #BrownieBoxMix #Brownies #Fudgy #Hack #Yummy

About 20 years ago, I discovered a hack to make box mix brownies so good and fudgy that it doesn’t even matter what brand of box mix you buy. My brownies are one of my most requested desserts to bring places. I am almost ashamed at how easy they are to make!

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I start with a brownie box mix and make it up according to the directions on the box. Any size works for this recipe, but I will say if the box says it will fit in a 9×11 pan, go with that size.

If you use a smaller pan, the brownies wouldn’t be as fudgy since they would be thicker. Having a bit thinner brownie gives you more fudginess!

Then follow the directions on the brownie mix to. Stir the batter, and put it in your pan.

I highly recommend the Rachael Ray bakeware. It is nonstick and my absolute favorite bakeware I’ve ever used.

This is where the brownie hack happens. Are you ready for it? Grab your bottle of chocolate syrup out of the fridge — the kind you put on ice cream or use to make chocolate milk — and swirl it over the top of the brownie batter in the pan.

Check out the baking time on the brownie box mix. Set your oven timer for 3-5 minutes prior to the shortest time given. Check your brownies then to see if they are done.

I always test my brownies by sticking a toothpick into the center and seeing if it comes out clean. If so, they’re done. If it is still goopy, bake the brownies a few minutes longer and check again. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous fudgy-ness! (Is that a word? I don’t even care!)

And that’s it. Once the brownies have cooled, they are ready to cut. If you are going to stack them on a plate, give them PLENTY of time to cool. Otherwise, they meld into one giant fudgy uni-brownie. Trust me, I speak from experience!

Look at those lines of fudgy goodness!

Also, check out this pan. Nothing sticks to the Rachael Ray bakeware! I did spray it with a light spritz of non-stick cooking spray, because I’ve used mine so much they need a bit of help, but this Rachael Ray cake pan is my all-time favorite. I LOVE it!

Because these brownies are so fudgy, they don’t need to be frosted. And they are usually best eaten with a fork or spoon!

I promise you people will ask for your brownie recipe. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to share this hack with them!

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The one hack you need to make a brownie box mix so fudgy good!The one hack you need to make a brownie box mix so fudgy good!