Fun ideas to celebrate the solar eclipse with printables!

Planning fun activities for our children is one perk of parenthood. And when a rare occurrence like solar eclipse happens, celebrating as a family can be fun. Thanks to solar eclipse printables — both free and cheap — you can celebrate without breaking the bank!

The last time an eclipse came through the United States back In 2017, we only saw a partial eclipse. But this solar eclipse has us in the path of totality on April 8th here in the Midwest, so I’ve been thinking about party ideas for my family.

I’m not thinking of an elaborate, over-the-top celebration, but I do want to come up with a fun way for my family to spend this day together. My children have an e-learning day for the Great American Eclipse, so we’ll all be home together.

As a Christian mom, I also think a solar eclipse is a great way to highlight how the heavens declare the glory of God. So grab your solar eclipse glasses and use these solar eclipse activities and printables to commemorate the day with your family.

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Printable solar eclipse party decorations

I’ve found one of the best ways to get my children excited about something is to decorate. From their birthdays to Valentine’s Day to Christmas, decorations make the event come alive.

And printable party decorations are the perfect way to add some pizzazz and excitement to your celebration without spending much money.

Printable party banners

Since we moved into a house with a fireplace, I love a good banner. But I don’t want to spend a fortune on one for this total solar eclipse. I decided to make some of my own and have them in the Families with Grace Etsy store for you to enjoy as well.

Printing your own banners is easier than you might think. Simply print on cardstock, cut out the shapes and then either hole punch and connect the letters with ribbon or tape them to the wall as is. Easy peasy!

First is this banner with a cartoon sun and moon together. It would definitely be a great addition to your solar eclipse celebrating.

Eclipse 2024 party banner

Next, this banner is a bit lighter with a cool sun and moon in sunglasses. Your kiddos will enjoy it, and this is a great way to remind them to keep on their solar eclipse glasses!

A second solar eclipse 2024 party banner

Finally, this banner is a bit more elegant with stars. You can easily print it out and hang it up.

A third solar eclipse 2024 party banner

Printable posters

Another great way to decorate is with printable posters. And in this printable pack of free solar eclipse activities, you can find two coloring pages that work well as a total eclipse poster. 

One coloring sheet simply says Solar Eclipse 2024. The other highlights Psalm 19:1.

Free eclipse posters

Children love being able to participate in making the decor!

A second option is using these cake toppers that come on 8.5 x 11-inch size pages as printable posters to decorate as well.

Solar eclipse posters or cake toppers

Solar eclipse party activities to do

Watching the solar eclipse itself is not the only way to have fun at your solar eclipse party. There are a variety of eclipse worksheets and games that can make your party fun for your kids — and you!

While lots of educational activities are available, for a party, I’m a fan of fun instead!

Free printable solar eclipse worksheet pack

Start with these free printable solar eclipse worksheets. The pack comes with five pages that include two coloring pages (perfect for decor), a maze, a matching the moon activity and a list of charades topics.

From preschool to second grade to middle school to high school, your kids will find something in the printable pack to enjoy. If charades aren’t popular for your family, try drawing the words for others to guess instead.

Not only is this solar eclipse packet a great resource, it’s also completely free!

Free solar eclipse printables

Make a keepsake

If you have younger children, check out this “About Me” page for the solar eclipse 2024. It’s a printable, easy keepsake that lets you commemorate your kiddos for the 2024 eclipse.

For instance, I remember during the last eclipse I realized my preschooler and 2nd grader would be in the last year of elementary and middle school for the next eclipse. And somehow, we are already here. 

Since the next eclipse won’t happen until Aug. 23, 2044, some commemoration is a good idea! Because, this could very well be your last solar eclipse you have children at home. (I know it will be for us!)

Printable solar eclipse 2024 activity page

Eclipse story-telling

A fun, no-prep activity you can do with your family is story telling. Have one family member start a short story with one sentence. Go around to each family member and continue the story one sentence at a time.

Make the story eclipsed themed. Consider these short story prompts:

  • As a police officer, Alexa thought she’d seen everything, but the solar eclipse changed her mind because…
  • John was a professional astronomer who thought he knew everything about safe eclipse viewing until…
  • Mrs. Long’s 3rd grade class was so excited for the solar eclipse they threw a class party that got crazy when…
  • When Michael made a model of the earth for his 5th grade general science class, he never expected to receive a call from NASA asking him to…
  • The NASA website was set up to answer questions about the solar eclipse, but Patti’s question threw it off because she asked…

Solar eclipse party food

No party is complete without food! From themed snacks to sweet treats, I’ve found a few ideas to complete your solar eclipse 2024 party.

Cake or cupcakes

I’m a huge fan of cake and cupcakes in general. If we have an excuse to make them, then I’m all for it! 

An easy way to jazz up cupcakes or a cake is with toppers. Check out these cupcake toppers. There are seven unique designs you’ll love.

Solar eclipse 2024 printable cupcake toppers

If you’d rather make a cake, each of the toppers come as a full 8.5 x 11-inch page size you can easily use as cake toppers.

Eclipse sliders

Since the solar eclipse is coming across North America in the afternoon, plan to serve a themed lunch or dinner for your family. Make hamburger sliders topped with white American or Swiss cheese to represent the dark and light of the eclipse.

You could take it a step further and buy some yellow paper plates and black paper plates to serve the sliders on.

Solar system fruit

By using a star-shaped cookie cutter with fruit, you can turn this snack or side into an edible solar eclipse craft. Let your kids help you make fruit star shaped and eat it as is or stick it on a skewer for a fun, easy way to eat.

Melons works well for cutting into shapes. Then you can add in other fruits your family enjoys as well.

Moon cheese

With a melon baller and Swiss cheese, you can make a small ball that looks like a little moon. Pair the small moon cheese with shaped crackers for a nice solar eclipse party snack your kids will love.

Moon pies

Perhaps the easiest snack of all for your eclipse party is the classic moon pie. Not only are these treats tasty, they’re also perfectly themed for an eclipse party! 

Grab some chocolate and vanilla ones to best capture the light and dark of the solar eclipse.

Just have fun!

With both free and paid solar eclipse printables, you and your family can have a great time commemorating this rare event together. I’m looking forward to having the time with my family.

The best kind of family party is one in which nothing is complicated and you all just get to have fun together!

About the Author: Stacey A. Shannon

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Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)Solar eclipse party printables (plus a free activity pack)