5 Healthy sleeping tips for moms

This blog post about how moms an get better sleep comes from Charlotte Walker of HomeSafetyHub.com. Charlotte has some great suggestions for exhausted moms who need more rest. She has been passionate about safety her whole life and enjoys writing about topics related to homes and home life.

As a mother, you know just how tough it is to get a good night’s sleep, even once your kids are typically sleeping through the night! If family life is making it hard for you to sleep soundly, it might be time to change up your routine. Resources from Families With Grace can help you find solace in Scripture during chaotic days. Plus, these sleeping tips like how to work some exercise into your day, find balance in regards to your screen time and even redesign your bedroom can help you get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed.

Exercise during the day for better sleep

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve exercised — you’re so busy caring for your children during the day that you don’t know how you would find the time! But by sneaking in some gentle physical activity with your kids, like a daily walk, you can move your body without rushing to the gym.

If your own neighborhood lacks sidewalks or safe walking routes, you might want to bring your children to an area with a walk score of 70 or higher in order to get your daily steps in.

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Balance your screen time to get a good night sleep

Today, it’s tough for everyone to keep screen time in check. If you’re working from home, you might feel like you’re constantly staring at screens — either you’re sitting at your computer while you’re on the clock, or you’re using your smartphone and watching TV with your family when your workday is done.

This can make it tough for you to fall asleep at night. To ensure that you’re able to wind down in the evening, make sure to shut down your computer at a specific time each day, work in only one room of your house and avoid consuming caffeine late in the day.

Choose cozy bedding for better sleep quality

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary! When your bedroom feels like your own personal oasis, you’ll look forward to going to sleep every night. You can upgrade your bedding by investing in a few duvet covers, which you can change up to reflect your mood. Try shopping for unique patterns designed by independent artists. Consider ordering duvet covers to be printed on demand, which allows you to customize your prints, so you’ll never have to deal with prints going out of stock.

Implement a consistent bedtime to wake up refreshed

If your children are different ages, figuring out the right bedtime for everyone can be tricky! But maintaining one bedtime for all of your kids will definitely make it easier for you to head to bed at a reasonable hour, too. Try selecting a bedtime based on the time your children need to be out of bed in the morning — simply count backwards from that hour to make sure they are getting adequate hours of sleep.

Stick to a relaxing routine to help you sleep

Once your children are in bed, you deserve to enjoy some time to yourself. It can be tempting to simply watch an episode of a TV show, but consider turning to an activity that doesn’t involve screen time. A Mother Far From Home recommends soaking in a bath with Epsom salts, picking up a good book, writing in a journal or even doing a crossword puzzle. You could also move through a gentle, evening yoga sequence.

Finally, take some time to chat with your spouse about your day. When you’re parents, it’s still crucial to make time for each other.

When you’re raising children, it’s not easy to prioritize your own needs. But if you’ve been pushing your sleep routine to the backburner, it might be time for some lifestyle changes. With these tips, you’ll be ready to invest in new bedroom décor, get your screen time under control and get more exercise throughout the day.

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How to get better sleep for momsHow to get better sleep for momsHow to get better sleep for momsHow to get better sleep for moms