A Family Christmas: 25 Days of 5-minute Family Christmas Devotions

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While the Christmas season is all about celebrating God’s gift to us through His Son, Jesus, it is also a hectic time for most families — mine included! In the midst of the busyness, I don’t want to miss the real reason for the season. So I put together a Christmas devotion book for my family that I’m sharing with you as well.

All about the Christmas devotion book, “A Family Christmas”

Maintaining a home filled with grace, love and faith during hectic times is challenging. However, “A Family Christmas” helps your family do so for a few minutes each day Dec. 1 through 25. While each family is different, I estimate each devotion time will take around 5 minutes.

You’ll find a Bible verse (or two), a discussion question and a prayer for every day. The Bible verses are all included for you from the International Children’s Bible.

The discussion question allows you flexibility. Share from your own life and experiences. Spend as much or as little time as you want. Some days you may chat together for a few minutes while other days may go quicker.

Finally, the daily prayer can be read as written or you can pray your own prayer – however God is leading your heart.

I encourage you to make this devotion time part of your December routine. You can let your kiddos take turn reading the verses, leading the discussion or saying the prayer if you’d like. Or you can do all of that. Find what works best for your family and go with it!

I’m excited to share “A Family Christmas” with you through Amazon where you can download it for your e-reader or tablet for only $3 or for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. It will become a great part of your family’s Christmas traditions.

More Christmas traditions you’ll love

Two years ago I shared with you 8 simple Christmas traditions to bring your family closer. I think the simpler the tradition, the easier they are to maintain. The Christmas devotion book, “A Family Christmas” was inspired by one of those traditions.

One of my family’s traditions is to read a Bible verse of the Christmas story each night from Dec. 1 through 25. I built on that with the devotion book this year by keeping it simple, yet more impactful.

I combined the Bible verses with another tradition we have of unwrapping a Christmas book each night from Dec. 1 through 24. I usually buy a couple of new books each Christmas season. But most of the books I wrap we already owned. Then my kiddos get to unwrap one book each evening that we read at bedtime.

The bedtime Christmas book unwrapping and reading has been an awesome tradition my kiddos have loved since they were toddlers. If you’re looking to get this tradition started or in the market for some new Christmas books for kids, check out the following titles that are great reads for the holiday season!

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A family Christmas devotion bookA family Christmas devotion bookA family Christmas devotion book