Simple ideas to refresh yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually

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We all have problems with it. Whether we have crazy parents and siblings, or just a lot to do and think about, we will all at some point have a little trouble cleaning, dumping and renewing our mind.

Here are some ways I’ve found to renew and refresh yourself spiritually and physically.

Pick the right time and space.

First, I figured out what time of day I’m most at peace with myself. For me, that’s night.

Then, I came up with a space in a room that I could be alone in (my bedroom) and tidied up the area. I have a huge pink fluffy rug in my room with a beanbag chair and curtains that light up.

Since the area you’re in affects how you feel, I try to make sure the area is clean and I’m surrounded by items I enjoy. (Fun stuffed animals, slinkies, books, pictures, etc.)

Refresh yourself emotionally.

Next, one of the things I do that refreshes me is to write in a journal. For me, I actually write in multiple journals. One has writing prompts, one is a journal with my mom, one is a journal for blog posts and ideas for you lovelies, and one is for whatever else I feel like.

I choose a journal to write in and just do it. Sometimes, if a thought is playing in my mind, then I write it down. Or if I’m bored and tired, I simply fill out a prompt. Sometimes I read my Bible and then decide to listen to music and give y’all a post.

Refresh yourself physically.

After I write in my journal, I go and grab some water. I’ve been really into insulated cups to keep the water icy cold.

Then I put my thick hair in a ponytail to get it out of my way. I spend a few minutes doing some stretches and yoga in my room. Yoga isn’t physically difficult and relaxes my body. It calms my mind as well as helps me breathe and get ready for whatever I do next.

Refresh yourself spiritually.

Once I’ve refreshed emotionally and physically, I move on to spiritual matters. I read my devotion book and/or Bible. Usually, I do a section a night. I read the book of Esther in larger groups though. Currently, I am reading and comprehending the wonderful gibberish that is Job.

After I finish my reading, I open the window (just a small crack in cold weather!) for a couple of minutes and just breathe in the fresh air to help me unwind from the day. Then I’m ready to settle into bed.

Having this time is incredibly important because it gives me time to breathe and unwind. I also get to pray and be in the presence of God for an entire hour.

Remember to unwind and stay healthy, my lovelies! Good day/night!

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