Tips every girl needs for living a positive new year

“New year, new me!” I know you’ve heard it, but did you ever try to live up to it? If so, did you succeed? Maybe you did, but it is just as possible that you didn’t. However, living a positive new year is still possible, whether you know it or not.

Some people will tell you to just do this unlikely and impossible stuff, and you will be like that “perfect” girl on Instagram. Others will tell you things you understand, but aren’t sure how to go about. Then, maybe you have found something you think you can do. I happen to have some tips I think are accomplishable.

So here are my flexible, possible tips to help you live positively. Improving on your self maintenance, self care and mothering yourself are great ways to live a positive new year.

Let’s start out by establishing that self maintenance and self care are two totally different things. And both are important in living a positive new year. Self maintenance is taking care of your physical appearance. Self care is taking care of your spiritual and mental self.

Self maintenance

First up is your body. All of us at some point (even me, the girl who could be prancing around the school hallways chicken dancing in a large neon tutu screaming that monkeys are cute with a large eagle hat on my head and not care) can feel insecure about the way we look.

For some of us, this may be the way our legs or stomach look, and for others it may be our teeth or hair. For your legs, or stomach, you may want to get into shape by exercising or eating healthier, but, you are still beautiful the way you are, and please don’t change for anyone except your self.

Now, for teeth and hair, we could try strips to make them whiter (teeth, not hair, I’m not trying to make my hair white, nor do I need to be an old lady quite yet) or talk to the dentist.

For your hair, try going to a salon or maybe try a new hair style. However, only do this if you want to change it, but also only do so for you and you alone. Don’t do it for that perfect picture to share or because you don’t look perfect, because no one actually does. You change for you, and that is enough.

You may also want to try and take care of your self by keeping your skin nice or keeping clean. For your skin, this varies a lot. Honestly, everyone’s skin is different, just like their whole bodies. We are all unique, but just keep your skin clean and hydrated as much as possible. Maybe even take a nice, long bath and relax for a while. Have a mini spa day. But make sure you relax. This is where we cross to self care.

Self care

Self care is all about your mental and spiritual self. This means connecting with the Lord , staying happy and also staying healthy. Lets start with positivity!

The first thing I want you to do is bask in your thoughts. Don’t act upon them, just think. Whether your thoughts are negative (like maybe you’re annoyed with your weight), confused (like do you like that one boy in your math class) or happy (like you really love your eyes), think those thoughts.

Next, try an exercise where you address those thoughts and what you can (or can’t) do about them. Using the three examples above, I came up with a plan for each.

1. Weight insecurity: You could try to eat more veggies and do yoga everyday.

2. Do you like that one boy in your math class: Think about it and decide what you think. Maybe even talk to your family or friends about it.

3. You love your eyes: You could wear colors that make your eyes stand out, which you want.

The point is for every thought, do something about it!

Also, work in time for meditating, praying and just breathing. These are all important parts of self care. Ultimately, you must take time for yourself as you strive to live a positive new year.

Mothering your future self

Mothering yourself is important. Basically, you do something now to take care of your future self. Whether it is a few hours or a few decades, you will be thankful for your previous mothering and have the situation under control.

A good example would be if you are going out (I wish, #Pandemic) and you know you won’t want to wash your face when you get back. You could mother yourself by having everything you need out and ready on the counter. Doing that simple, quick task can make life easier for your future self to wash her face when she returns home.

Have a great week, lovelies, and stay strong in the Lord this new year!

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