Ideas to keep you having fun when you’re bored out of your mind

Listen, 2020 was rough. We could barely do anything and were probably bored out of our minds — at least I was! So, to prevent that from happening again, I thought of some things you can do when you’re bored to have fun. If you are still stuck at home or just bored, here are some ideas so you don’t make friends with spare shampoo bottles.

Write a novel.

This is for all of you with wayyyy too much time on your hands and who enjoy writing. I’m currently one of these people, and I’m trying for fantasy. Anyway, just to get you started, here are some ways to write your story.

First you need to have a world for your characters. Is there time, and how does it work? Is there racism, is everything equal? Maybe frogs with wings walk people with horns in leashes? Religion? Rules? Law? Make your characters. How do they develop? What are they afraid of, and what do they love?

So much goes into making a book! I suggest that you do some of your own research first, that is always helpful. However, this is a long-term, fun and time-consuming activity for those of you with lots of spare time.

Make a fidget toy.

I don’t know about you guys, but my hands almost always have to be doing something. Fidget toys are something almost everybody has nowadays, so what not make your own? It’s a fun way to pass the time when you’re bored

You can use some string and 3-12 beads. 

Fold the string in half, tying a loop on the fold. You should have two ends of string hanging down. Now take a bead and move the left side of the string through the bead. Feed the right piece of string through the same bead facing the opposite way. Repeat. You should eventually stop, and leave 1-3 inches before tying another loop. Then, you should be able to pull your beads up and down the string.

I honestly find it fun and satisfying. However, you can also use this to keep track of things like how much water you drink or how many holes in one you got in golf. These can be used for many things.

Write a song.

Ok, I’m not the most musical, but if you are, this is pretty self explanatory. Write some kind of song! Just like with writing a novel, you can do some research online about what makes good songs. Then just write about something you’re passionate about or is on your mind.

Start a YouTube channel, blog or podcast.

People use YouTube all the time. You can start your YouTube channel by doing bunches of research or by easily just picking your niche and uploading. It’s totally up to you! For no video appearance, start a podcast and just talk! And finally, you can start a blog if you would rather write.

(Before posting anything online, please talk with your parents and get their permission.)

Clean — hear (..or read) me out!

Cleaning stinks! No one wants to do it, and if you do, I would like to test to see if you are in fact human, or some race of elf. If you are human, then good for you, I guess?  Anyhow, it does always feel good once you get done with it. When you’re bored can be a great time to take on organizing your closet or room that has been driving you nuts.

Tackle THAT!

Everyone has THAT thing they have been meaning to get done. DO IT! Usually whatever it is you’ve been putting off has gotten shoved to the back of your to-do list because you didn’t have time. Now is a great time to do it!

Learn a new skill.

Everyone has something new they can learn! From makeup to how to write those novels I talked about earlier, find something that interests you and learn all about it.

Read your Bible.

With all this time on your hands, what better to do than spend time with the Lord of creation Himself? Take time to really get into God’s Word and study what it says. Look for a devotion book to add to it if you want. Pick out some favorite Bible verses to write out and hang up in your room.

Call your friends.

Mine always have something to say! And you can even video chat and play games together or whatever you guys like to do.

Cry about being bored because you won’t accept any possible ideas, so…

What else do you want me to tell you!?! Come on, when you’re bored you might as well try a new idea that’s way more fun than crying — I promise!

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10 Things to do when you\'re bored10 Things to do when you\'re bored