Hand sanitizer can be used for more than just cleaning your hands!

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Nowadays, everyone has a bottle of hand sanitizer on them. Did you know you can use hand sanitizer in lots of different ways? Because they are alcohol based, they can do most of the great things alcohol can. Just make sure your hand sanitizer actually is alcohol based. Here are just some of the greatest uses I found:


I forget my deodorant often, so this could be helpful. Just rub it under your arms and you are good to go for a while.

Dry shampoo

Squeeze some on your hands, rub it through your hair and you’re good to go.

Clean your phone screen

Yes, I am pretty sure it’s messy. Whose isn’t? Therefore, CLEAN IT!

Remove many kinds of stains

Be careful, but hand sanitizer can remove lots of stuff.

Stop itchy mosquito bites

Awesome, right? I am a favorite amongst the bugs, so this is my new favorite information. Squeeze a bit onto the bug bite, and it should stop itching! Just be careful on super dry skin, cuts or super sensitive skin.

Remove sticky sticker or label residue

This is randomly helpful.

Clean white boards

I have had so many stained whiteboards I can’t even count, and so hand sanitizer is a lifesaver. Again.

Cleans glass

This is for people with glasses, windows, glass cups (Ok, maybe not for cups) or just about anything glass! I think you get it by now. Anyway, rub some on and magic! Super-duper clean.

Public toilet cleaner

Let’s face it, they are SO, SO disgusting. I always line the seat with toilet paper, and if I can, I will disinfect them with hand sanitizer.

To sanitize your hands.

The most shocking use yet I’m sure.

Hand sanitizer is practically a gift to humanity which may be why I have it stashed in every possible nook and cranny. Fortunately, it is in stock pretty much everywhere again. So if you don’t have any, stock up! The big bottles are great to have at home and to use to refill your smaller bottles.

Don’t forget to get hand sanitizer sized for on-the-go as well!

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10 amazing uses for hand sanitizer10 amazing uses for hand sanitizer