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24 Free Scripture cards about gratitude

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Bible verses about gratitude to keep you focused on God

As a mama who deals with anxiety, I’ve found that focusing on gratitude helps me in three ways. Gratitude keeps me focused on God, reduces my anxiety and results in me being a better mom. These 24 Scripture cards about gratitude are perfect for meditating on, posting around your house, framing, using as prayer prompts or whatever works best for you!

In the midst of life’s chaos and challenges, we need to pause, reflect and find solace in the arms of gratitude. As moms, we constantly juggle countless responsibilities, from nurturing our children’s hearts to managing our homes with grace, love and faith. Motherhood is nothing if not busy and hectic. So, these 24 Free Scripture Cards about gratitude help you focus on gratitude in a minute or less!

These verses are powerful reminders from the Bible of God’s abundant blessings. They have been carefully curated to infuse your daily life with gratitude and grace. By focusing on the blessings around you, your attention shifts to God rather than the challenges you face. These Scripture cards help cultivate a grateful heart. They bring the timeless wisdom and promises of God directly to your fingertips.

Let these cards serve as a gentle whisper in your daily life, reminding you to seek gratitude even in the smallest moments and amidst the busyness of your days. With 24 unique cards, you’ll find a treasure trove of Scriptural wisdom for your faith and gratitude journey. Whether you’re looking for solace, strength or encouragement, these Scripture cards offer a source of inspiration to nourish your soul and empower you as a mother.

How to get the Scripture cards

I’m delighted to offer this exceptional set of 24 Scripture cards absolutely free. I believe every mama deserves the gift of gratitude, and I want to support you on your path to finding joy and contentment in your everyday life. These cards are my way of extending a helping hand, a gesture of appreciation for the remarkable work you do.

As you hold these cards in your hands, take a moment to breathe in the divine presence. Allow the words on each card to guide your thoughts, draw you closer to God’s love and embolden your faith. Share these cards with other Christian moms in your community, and together, create a ripple effect of gratitude that reaches far beyond our imaginations.

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Take your gratitude journey a step further!

A great way to take you gratitude journey a step further is by keeping a gratitude journal. You’ll be able to look back through the pages and see God at work in your life. “The Christian Woman’s Gratitude Journal” is the perfect gratitude and prayer journal to help you on your gratitude journey.

The gratitude and prayer journal has 60 different writing prompts over 30 pages that have mood and prayer boxes as well. Plus, “The Christian Woman’s Gratitude Journal” also includes 10 devotionals written just for the heart of Christian women. These are paired next to lined, blank journal pages to give you space to write about them if you would like. The devotionals are uplifting and helpful in both spiritual and practical ways. You’ll find topics such as:

  • Three ways to be kinder to yourself
  • Understanding God’s love for us
  • Prayers for women

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24 Free Scripture cards about gratitude24 Free Scripture cards about gratitude24 Free Scripture cards about gratitude24 Free Scripture cards about gratitude24 Free Scripture cards about gratitude