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No matter how much we want life to be perfect, it’s far from it. Some days are bad. Some days are just blah. Today I’m having a blah day. Nothing is going incredibly badly. I had a night with much less sleep than usual. And coming off of a busy weekend, it’s not a good combination. I’m just feeling blah.

While I’d like to just stay in bed, take naps and read my book, that isn’t an option. So instead, I got up when the alarm went off, woke up the children, got my daughter’s favorite new PJs out of the dryer since it’s PJ day today, threw in a set of wet bed sheets and mattress pad (part of my long night with a kiddo), made breakfast, packed up lunch boxes and got my day under way. I’ve since done another load of laundry and spent a couple of hours working. 

But when I’m having days like that, I like to find little ways to treat myself. I’m pretty easy to please like that. So I put on comfy clothes when I got dressed this morning (even more so because I don’t think I’m going to leave the house today). Then I decided part way through my morning to have a better than usual snack. I’m not a coffee drinker for a variety of reasons, but I do love hot chocolate as an occasional treat, especially this time of the year. So I made my favorite Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensations. It is so incredibly good I don’t drink any other flavor these days and find that hot chocolate I get other places (like well-known coffee shops) pale in comparison. I love it so much, I once gave it as a Christmas gift to a relative who also enjoys hot chocolate.

I digress. Once I made the decision, I switched out the laundry on the way and almost decided it wasn’t worth the effort. My area is under a boil water order right now and that’s a pain. I usually just use tap water and heat it in the microwave. I know that heating it for one minute is the perfect temperature for me. All of my “clean” water right now is refrigerated, so I had to get out a jug. It seemed like a lot to ask on a day like today, but I decided to push through (sometimes I can be dramatic). I added an extra 30 seconds to allow for the colder then usual water, and it was fine. I started to grab one of my red mugs that match my dishes and then I spotted the Chip mug my parents had gotten me a couple of years ago.

I should stop right now and tell you that I LOVE “Beauty and the Beast.” It is my favorite Disney movie. My love affair with it started when we played it for marching band one summer, but it has continued since then. I suppose I relate most to Belle of all the Disney princesses for her love of books. So, anything “Beauty and the Beast” related almost instantly makes me feel better. 

So, the Chip mug was a great idea for a blah Monday. I decided to have a granola bar as well and was thrilled to find a s’mores one in our basket, which is my favorite flavor. When I went to grab a napkin, I spied some unicorn ones left from my daughter’s birthday. In the end, my morning snack looked a bit more like it was made for a young girl, but I have no shame. I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Am I still tired? Yeah. Do I still have laundry to fold? Yep. Am I still feeling blah? Only a bit. Sometimes small treats are just the thing we need to make  a blah morning or day a little less blah. Sometimes a long hot shower does the trick or painting your nails a favorite color. Other times, drinking your favorite hot chocolate in your favorite mug, paired with your favorite granola bar and a fun napkin can be just what you need!

How do you treat yourself on blah days?

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