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Books for sale

Connecting with Grace: A Mother and Daughter Shared Journal

Looking for a way to grow your mother and daughter relationship even more? A shared journal is a great way to connect with each other. Filled with all sorts of questions and writing prompts as well as ideas for one-on-one time, “Connecting with Grace” is perfect for moms and daughters!

Written by a mom and her tween daughter, the journal covers both fun and serious subjects. Topics include funny experiences, relationships, womanhood, friends, family, school, faith and more. Each prompt has a related Bible verse or inspirational quote. You’ll learn even more about each other as you take this journey to connect with grace.

“Connecting with Grace” gives you a safe space to share your thoughts and communicate in ways you don’t usually get to. And no dates are included, so you complete the journal at your own pace in your own way

A Family Christmas, Volume 2

While the Christmas season is all about God’s gift to us through His Son, Jesus, it is also a hectic time for most families.

So, this devotion book is designed to help your family come together and remember why we celebrate Christmas for a few minutes each day, Dec. 1 through 25. The devotions only take around 5 minutes and include Bible verses, discussion questions and prayers.

These devotions are perfect for upper elementary kiddos through teens, but they can also work for younger children. (The first volume of “A Family Christmas” is written specifically for younger kids.)

Make this devotion part of your December routine!

A Family Christmas, Volume 1

While the Christmas season is all about God’s gift to us through His Son, Jesus, it is also a hectic time for most families. Maintaining a home filled with grace, love and faith during hectic times is challenging. However, this devotion book is designed to help your family do so for a few minutes each day Dec. 1 through 25. While each family is different, each devotion will only take around 5 minutes.

You’ll find a Bible verse (or two), a discussion question and a prayer for every day. The Bible verses are all included for you from the International Children’s Bible.

The discussion question allows you flexibility. Share from your own life and experiences. Spend as much or as little time as you want. Some days you may chat together for a few minutes while other days may go quicker.

Finally, the daily prayer can be read as written or you can pray your own prayer – however God is leading your heart.

Make this devotion time part of your December routine. You can let your kiddos take turn reading the verses, leading the discussion or saying the prayer if you’d like. Or you can do all of that. Find what works best for your family and go with it!

Printables for sale

The Christian Woman Life Planner

Find everything you need to organize your life in this one life planner that you can print as you go. The life planner includes a daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, monthly calendar to post, yearly overview, daily to-do list, personal organizer (goals, hourly schedule, meals & to-buy list) and weekly to-do list. Each page has a Bible verse for inspiration as well as beautiful watercolor flowers. You’ll feel motivated and ready to organize with these pages!

The download includes three sizes: 8.5×11, A3 and A4. Use the Coupon Code: FWGFAN to receive 10% off!

St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Have a fun St. Patrick’s Day with the word search bundle that includes an easy, moderate and hard word search and the bookmark to color. The word searches are great for kids, teens and adults! You get all three in color and grayscale PDFs for easy copying. And, of course, the answer keys are included as well.

The bookmarks come with four per page to easily print out and let kids color with crayons, markers or paint. You can print on cardstock or on printer paper that you then mount on construction paper. Super easy and no mess!

Use the Coupon Code: FWGFAN to receive 10% off!

FREE resources

7-Day Acts of Grace Devotion Book

10 Ways to Start Living as a Family with Grace Right Now

A concise two-page article to help your family on the path to creating a home filled with grace, love and faith.

Simple DIY Resurrection Eggs

Six printable strips with instructions for how to create your own Resurrection Eggs.

Christmas countdown

Use this simple printable and your own stickers (or a marker) to help your kiddos count down to Christmas.

Advent verses for children

A Bible verse from the International Children’s Bible for each day from Dec. 1 through 25 that takes you through the Christmas story in simple words even younger kiddos can easily understand. (We print these out and attach them to a wrapped book to open and read each evening of December!)

A Parent’s Prayer

A touching prayer for parents that you can print out and make part of your regular prayer time.

Family Halloween charades both with and without pictures

Print out the version with or without pictures, cut them up and have some Halloween fun!

Mother’s Day crafts

Check out the Mother’s Day crafts post full of free printables for moms and grandmas on Mother’s Day. There’s something for kids from 3 to 18 to do for their moms and grandmas!

A letter to Santa

A cute letter to Santa that you can print for your little ones and give to them yourself or let your Elf on the Shelf give it to them. It includes a space at the bottom to draw a picture or paste a photo.

A sample mother and daughter journal

Five writing prompts similar to what were published in our printed version of “Connecting with Grace: A Mother and Daughter Shared Journal” are in this sample version. Give it a try!