Easy Mexican recipes you can make for dinner tonight!

8 Mexican recipes your family will love!

When it comes to cuisine, I can count on Mexican cuisine to almost always be a hit with my family. In fact, I have shared more Mexican recipes on here than any other type of cuisine. Since I share recipes for things we actually eat, I guess that makes sense.

So I decided it was time to pull them together into one handy post so you can easily find some Mexican recipes when you’re planning a quick and easy family dinner. I love recipes that don’t take a long time or a lot of special ingredients. All of these recipes fit into that category!

Baked quesadillas

This easy baked quesadilla recipe is one that I’ve been making for years. I wanted to figure out a way to make quesadillas that weren’t greasy but were crispy. And I wanted to be able to make multiple quesadillas at a time. Of all the Mexican recipes I’m sharing, this one is the easiest to customize for the various tastes in your family. My daughter and I love these quesadillas with chicken. My guys like them with taco meat or bacon. I plan to try making them with pulled pork soon because it’s my latest go-to meat!

Easy baked quesadilla recipe

Taco pizza

If I were to pick another type of food that tends to go over well with my family, pizza would be it. So it’s no surprise that combining pizza and tacos works well. This taco pizza used a crescent roll crust, which makes prep even easier. Drizzle it with a bit of French salad dressing (or maybe salsa) and you’ll be in love!

An easy, delicious taco pizza recipe

Taco ranch meatball soup

When it comes to Mexican recipes, this one is probably far from authentic, but it uses the flavors of tacos so well that I had to include it in this list. This taco ranch meatball soup recipe is yummy. The real star of the dish is the meatballs. Even my husband and son who aren’t big on eating meat love these meatballs. They are just that good. It’s easy, hearty and oh-so-delicious!

Taco ranch meatball soup recipe

Taco cornbread bake

The cornbread base of this taco cornbread bake comes from a box mix and adds just the right flavor. Corn and Mexican flavors pair well together. I like this taco cornbread bake because you get that flavor without the corn. It’s something different. Of all the recipes, this one is the least attractive in appearance but trust me, it’s scrumptious!

Taco cornbread bake recipe

Stuffed peppers skillet

I first made this stuffed peppers skillet at my daughter’s request. I made some tweaks to it, and it’s definitely one of our favorite Mexican recipes. Using a boxed rice mix as a base, this stuffed peppers skillet is delicious and is a great way to sneak in some extra veggies for those who aren’t big veggie eaters!

Stuffed peppers skillet recipe

Pantry salsa

I live in the Midwest. Getting fresh vegetables for salsa year-round isn’t always the easiest or cheapest! Keeping them fresh can also be a challenge. But this pantry salsa recipe uses ingredients you’ll find in your pantry, including canned veggies, to come together into a delightful dip for your tortilla chips!

Easy pantry salsa recipe

Taco soup

My family loves this taco soup recipe. It is in our regular rotation. I love how quickly and easily it comes together. My husband, daughter and I like it most in a bowl that we dip some corn or tortilla chips into as we eat. The soup is thick enough, though, that my son prefers it wrapped in a tortilla with some sour cream and cheese like a taco. No matter how you eat it, though, it’s a quick and yummy weeknight dinner option!

Taco soup: A 20-minute delicious weeknight dinner!

Baked sopapillas

And you can’t forget about dessert! These easy baked sopapillas use flour tortillas and are ready in just a few minutes. They have a sweet, cinnamon flavor without being too strong. Of all the desserts I make, this is definitely one of the easiest!

Easy baked sopapillas recipe

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8 Mexican recipes your family will love8 Mexican recipes your family will love8 Mexican recipes your family will love8 Mexican recipes your family will love