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Grace-filled families sound like a good idea. If you’re like me, you start envisioning a home that is serene and happy where everyone gets along. Something yummy is baking in the oven, children are laughing quietly as they play together and parents are able to finish conversations without getting interrupted.

But, that’s not how life tends to work. Life tends to be messy with one kid stressing over homework, another one singing as loudly as possible, frozen pizza thrown into the oven and parents exhausted from work trying to manage it all and stay sane. That’s my reality much of the time, and I’m guessing it’s yours, too. Life is hectic, busy and all too often overwhelming. Our fuses get short and we don’t act with the grace and kindness we most want to extend to those we love so completely.

However, our homes and hearts can be filled with grace in the midst of chaos. In fact, grace is needed most in the midst of chaos. If everything was perfect, nobody would need grace! Along the way of battling to keep grace, love and faith more prevalent in my home than short words, irritation and discouragement, I’ve learned a few ways that help us life in grace more easily. I’ve put together my 10 favorite ways to start living with grace right now and would love for you join me on the journey!

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