5 Ideas to increase how much water you drink

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Sometimes we know something is good for us, but we still struggle to make it happen. This is especially true in the busyness of mom life and all we have going on. Unfortunately drinking enough water can fall into that category. And it’s just not healthy for us. Dehydration is so rampant that some estimate up to 75% of all adults are dehydrated! Finding ways to drink more water without causing more stress to already busy moms is important.

Even though water is my primary drink, I still struggle to make sure I drink enough of it throughout my day. I have, however, found a few things that help me drink more water and stay better hydrated.

1. Keep your water cold.

This has to be my very first idea to share because keeping my water cold has been a game changer for me. For most of my life, I kept reusable plastic water bottles in the fridge to drink out of. But they were never insulated. Then about 10 years ago or so, I discovered the magic of stainless steel insulated cups. They were so fabulous! In fact, when a friend had her second baby shortly thereafter, I gave her a stainless steel insulated tumbler as a baby gift because I knew she’d need it. Nursing moms need even more hydration. I certainly remember those days!

So now I use a large, 30-ounce insulated tumbler each day. I fill it up with ice and water from my fridge every morning. Throughout the day, I refill the cup as needed. I love that I can even leave the cup in a hot car, and the water is still cold. I’ve had the metal cup be almost too hot to touch but the water inside was still frigid. Cold water is just easier to drink, I think! These are two of my favorite tumblers:

Some of the tumblers come with straws. I’ve found that I like hard plastic or silicone, but I don’t like the stainless steel straws. (My mom does like the stainless steel straws, though, so you never know! You can give them a try.) I have some tall disposable straws that work, too, and those I usually find at Dollar Tree.

2. Take water with you everywhere you go.

Another way I drink more water is by taking my cup along wherever I go. Mostly, I’m at home, but I move it with me from room to room so it’s almost always beside me. And then when I do leave the house, I take it along. Often it goes along with me when I go to pick up my kids from school and come straight back home.

While I do OK with the lidded tumblers, some are leakproof if that’s a concern or your kids are younger and you need free hands to carry them. I have this insulated water bottle for my daughter that I pack sideways in her lunchbox every day and don’t have a problem with:

3. Make it part of your routine.

When we tie tasks into part of our daily routine, they are more likely to become habits. I told you last week how brushing my teeth in the morning reminds me to pray and connect with God. I’m the same way with my water. After I get ready each morning, my first stop is the refrigerator to fill up my cup with ice and water. It’s become such a part of my routine that when my dog hears me filling up my water, he runs ahead to our home office because he knows that’s where I’m usually headed next.

You can make actually drinking the water part of your routine as well. Maybe you drink water every time you stop at a stoplight or you take a few sips each time you finish changing a diaper. Find some way to incorporate drinking water into your usual routine.

4. Set specific goals and track them.

I’m a list maker through and through. I like tracking things. And that’s why things like a water tracker work well. Keeping a water tracker on hand helps you remember to drink water and see the progress you made. Another bonus is you can use it to compete with a friend or family member as a way to stay motivated and/or accountable. Check out this water tracker printable from the Families with Grace Etsy store:

Tracking your water intake is also a great way to get your family involved. Let them also track their water intake or even just cheer you on. My kids love cheering me on when they have the chance!

5. Add some flavor.

If plain water is boring to you or you just need to switch it up sometimes, add some flavor to your water! My daughter likes to add various fruits to hers including lemon, strawberries and blueberries. I enjoy lemon water or cucumber water as a treat sometimes. Flavoring drops work well for our family, too, because they are small and easy to store but make water more exciting. My daughter loves plain lemonade, my pick is pink lemonade every so often and my husband goes for sweet tea. Just be aware that flavoring drops can add calories and sugar or have sugar substitute in them.

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How busy moms can drink more waterHow busy moms can drink more water