A legacy of faith

Sharing Jesus with my kids is the most important thing I can do for them

During a recent sermon my pastor asked us to think back to a time when we didn’t know about Jesus and were first learning about Him. While I understood what he was asking and what his continued point was, I couldn’t remember a time I didn’t know about Jesus.

I am blessed and thankful that my story always has had Jesus in it. While I didn’t officially ask Jesus into my heart until I was 10-years-old, He has always been around. I’ve always known about Him.

How I learned about Jesus

That led me to thinking why I’ve always known about Him. Without the bat of an eyelash, I know my answer: my mom. From the time I was born, she’s made sure I know about Jesus. When I was growing up, she sang hymns around the house all the time as she did chores (she still does!). She took me to Sunday School and church every week. She read me Bible stories. She made sure I knew Who Jesus is.

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful and blessed I am by having a Godly mama. If I were to share her story with you, you’d learn that her faith all goes back to her grandparents’ prayers that gave her a desire to know God from a young age. In that respect, I can trace my own faith journey back to my great-grandparents.

I have no idea how they came to know Jesus. But since they lived in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, I’d wager a guess that their knowledge and love for God also came from a family member. That’s how these things tend to work.

What I want to pass on to my children

As I thought more about this later on, I also thought about my own children. Thirty years from now if someone asks them to think back to a time they didn’t know about Jesus and were just learning about Him, what would their response be?

I hope and pray their response will be like mine. We have read stories about Jesus from before they even understood the words we were saying. We sang (and still sing) songs about Jesus with and to them. We pray with and for them. We spend time as a family in His Word. My husband and I have shared some of our personal testimonies of God’s goodness and faithfulness in our lives with them.

I don’t always live out a perfect Christian walk in front of them. I do my best, but I’m human and I falter. Sometimes I respond in frustration instead of love. Sometimes I feel selfish and want to do what I want to do instead of giving them even more of me.

Learning from my mom

But, I also realize my mom was the same way when I was a kid. She wasn’t perfect. She had flaws in how she responded to me. However, when I think of her influence on my faith walk, that’s not what I remember. Instead I remember what I learned about God as a child. I remember what she has taught me about faith, love and grace as an adult.

She’s still my mama and still teaching me even now that I’m grown. I’ve seen her live out fully the command to honor her parents as she made sure my grandma was always taken care of until she went to heaven. I see her love her family fully and completely. I see her serve us with a servant’s heart and a beautiful smile.

I have seen God pouring out of her in her actions and in her words. And that is what I want my children to be able to say one day. I know they won’t say I was perfect. They will have plenty of stories of my quirks and some of my failures. What I desire more than anything, though, is that they will one day be able to say that they saw God pouring out of me in my actions and words. I want them to know beyond a doubt that God loves them even more than I do and He will always be there for Him even when I can’t be. (In fact, I have told each of them this many times and will continue to!)

I pray for God’s help as a mom. I pray that I am the mom my children need me to be to raise them according to His will and plan for their lives. That’s the desire of my heart. I want them to never remember a time they didn’t know Jesus.

Because of all the blessings I have in my life, of all the goodness and all the gifts, I am most thankful for not being able to remember a time Jesus wasn’t in my life. His presence has made all the difference in good times and bad. That is the most important lesson I can ever teach my children.

A legacy of faithA legacy of faith