Quirky, fun holiday gift ideas under $25 for everyone on your list

Quirky and fun Christmas gift ideas

44+ Christmas gift ideas for kids and adults that they’ll love — and your wallet will, too!

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Coming up with a Christmas gift idea for everyone on your shopping list can be a challenge. And coming up with ideas for the people in your life who have everything is even more challenging. But there are some quirky, fun and practical gifts for pretty much everyone on your list that you can find without breaking the bank.

And, even better, these are all on Amazon, so you can order them and have them show up at your house with the click of a button. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

For almost anyone

I am a huge fan of stainless steel insulated tumbler cups. And I am also a huge fan of drinking with straws. I don’t like the stainless steel straws, though. These silicone straws not only work well and look good, but they’re also affordable and dishwasher safe. What’s not to love for only $5.99 for 10?

$5.99 and Prime

Evidently this is called a pin art board. Who knew? No matter what you call it, I can’t think of anyone at any age who wouldn’t love playing with it. From preschoolers through adults, these things are just so much fun. They’re great for a desk, bookshelf or wherever you want to have something to do with your hands while you’re thinking. (Or wherever you want to occasionally gently smush your face and look at your profile!)

$16.99 and Prime

Unless your friends and family live somewhere magical that it never rains, they could use an umbrella. These reverse inverted inside-out umbrellas for $23.97 are awesome! I’ve been using one for a few years and love how easy it is to put up and down as I’m getting in and out of my car. It’s my favorite. These come in 19 different colors and patterns. My favorite is the one that looks like a newspaper. I’ve been wanting an umbrella that looks like a newspaper since I first saw one back in college. So if one of these showed up under my Christmas tree this year, I’d be pleased as punch!

$23.97 and Prime

Everybody has a slew of pencils and pens that need organized whether it’s at home or at work or both! You might as well organize them in something fun and clever. Even better, this adorable elephant pen and pencil holder can hold writing utensils and a phone for only $13.99!

$13.99 and Prime One-Day

If you think just a device holder would be a better Christmas gift idea for your friend, I’ve got you covered for that. I use mine all the time. In fact, I use it so much that it resides on my kitchen table. It is ideal for a Kindle. I love being able to prop up my Kindle Paperwhite and read during my lunch breaks. There are all sorts of fun options!

$11.99 and Prime
(comes in 12 colors)
$15.99 and Prime One-Day
(comes in 6 different dog breeds)
$8.99 and Prime One-Day
(also has a horse option)

While you’re at it, you might as well add a fun charging cable to go with the phone stand. For $13 to $17, depending on which style you pick, you can get a 46-inch USB charging cable that lights up. It comes in Christmas lights, flamingo, candy hearts, cactus and unicorn.

$13 to $17 depending on style and Prime

And then there is this 14-in-1 hammer tool. It looks cute because it looks like a little hammer, but it’s also incredibly functional and would be something pretty much anyone could use in one of their kitchen drawers.

$10.84 and Prime One-Day

For the person who loves retro

It pains me a bit to say that cassette tapes are retro, because they were such a big part of my childhood, but the truth is, they are. My kids were recently confounded by cassette tapes, in fact. This tape dispenser and pencil holder looks like a cassette tape and would be a fun, useful addition to any desktop — at home or at work. It’s not Prime eligible, but it does have cheap shipping.


To go even more retro, check out these cute vinyl record drink coasters. I won’t even pretend that I also didn’t have a few records as a kid, because I certainly did. I’m a fan of fun coasters. If you’re going to use a coaster to be a responsible adult, you might as well have fun with it!

$9.65 and Prime

This Hemingway typewriter pencil holder just makes my heart happy. I’m not really sure why because I was only on the very tail end of using typewriters way back in the day, and then they were electric. But something about this just makes my old soul happy, and I’d bet you know someone who would agree!

$18.16 and Prime

So not all of these literary themed socks are retro (there is an adorable pair for Harry Potter fans!), but my favorites are the socks that look like old-school library check-out cards. They come in white, pink, yellow, green, gray, multi-color and black. The socks are in two different sizes and there is even an ankle sock option for this design.

$12 and Prime One-Day

For the person who can use kitchen stuff

I love having fun stuff in my kitchen, and I assume everyone else does, too! I found some great holiday gift ideas that I would enjoy having and get a kick out of.

Fun in the kitchen kicks off with making food. If you’ve got to measure out ingredients, you might as well have some fun measuring cups. These OXO Good Grips Measuring Beaker Sets are great for that. You get a set of seven for $19.99 and it is Prime eligible. I love things that are useful AND fun!

$19.99 and Prime

Whether you’re buying a gift for a novice cook or someone who seldom cooks, everyone can use spatulas. And having smiley-face spatulas just seem to make any kitchen work a bit more fun and days brighter. Other designs are available sold as single full-size spatulas for $8.50 to $9.99, including a honey comb and bee, ladybug and leaves, the word “love” and various cooking-related sayings.

$6 and Prime

And if that doesn’t get you smiling while you cook, add on this smiley face turner, which is perfect for making pancakes on a weekend morning. If smiley faces aren’t your thing, you can pay a bit more ($10 to $11.95) for a fried egg or ladybug.

$5.95 and Prime

This clever Nessie Ladle that looks like the Lock Ness monster is only $13.70 and would bring some fun to soup night!

$13.70 and Prime One-Day

Staying with the theme of fun utensils, this dinosaur pasta server makes me smile. Anyone with kids would enjoy having this in their kitchen. Kids love pasta and dinos, so it’s a great combo. My son would think this was fabulous if I used it to serve him dinner! As a bonus, it’s dishwasher, top-rack safe.

$8.87 and Prime

To keep the kitchen dino fun going, you have to know someone who would love this TriceraTaco Taco Holder for $11.69. While it is adorable and cracks me up, it’s also helpful and useful. Hard taco eaters would love it. If you want to add a few more bucks, there’s also a TacoSaurus Rex for $14.99 or a NachoSaurus snack and dip bowl set for $14.01.

$11.69 and Prime One-Day

This funny kitchen towel for $12 is a great option to go with the dino taco or nacho holders!

$12 and Prime One-Day

An incredibly clever Christmas gift idea for any Star Wars fans on your list (and I’m sure there’s at least one if not more!) are these light saber chopsticks that actually light up. You can get two sets in red and blue for $12.97 or opt for 8-different color options for $1 more for two sets. The 8-different color light saber chopsticks can also be bought as a single set for $9.97 or a set of four for $19.97.

$9.97 to $19.97 and Prime

With all that fun going on in the kitchen, it’s going to have to be cleaned. While cleaning a kitchen isn’t the most fun job in the world, this adorable sponge holder makes me smile every time I see it! For only $12.90 and Prime One-Day, it’s a great gift for pretty much anyone on your list who has a kitchen!

$12.90 and Prime One-Day

We have been using a crumb eater to help clean off our table for the last year or so. Ours is just plain. My kids still like using it to clear off the table, but how much fun is this adorable ladybug mini tabletop vacuum?! It comes in red or green as a lady bug and red or black as a funny face. If you’ve got to clean up dust or crumbs, you should at least have fun with it. And, bonus for giving it to a family with kids, because they’ll find it fun for clean-up time. It’s a win-win!

$9.99 and Prime

Finally in kitchen, check out this Gracula garlic crusher. It’s functional in that it crushes garlic, but it’s funny and quirky in that it looks like a vampire.

$17.20 and Prime One-Day

For a family

Coming up with a gift to give to a family can be a challenge sometimes, so I’ve got some great ideas for gifts that you can give as a family present and all family members would love!

This indoor electric smores maker is one of my favorite things we have! I can make smores year-round. I don’t have to worry about an open flame. And it really does toast the marshmallows just like I want them. My kids get a kick out of it, too. It’s a great family gift for only $19.99! It’s a holiday gift idea that works well for families with small children, older children or no children. Who doesn’t love a smore?!

$19.99 and Prime One-Day

Another great option is family conversation starter cards. They’re perfect for chats at dinnertime or even long rides in the car. Check out this set of 101 Conversation Starters for Families for only $5.41 or 88 Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives for $7.61.

$5.41 and Prime One-Day
$7.61 and Prime One-Day

For the coffee or tea lover

I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I love a fun mug nonetheless. I mean, I do drink hot chocolate. And it tastes better when it’s something fun to drink it out of! Mugs make a great gift for nearly any adult. They even make good pencil holders! You can give mugs solo or pair them with a coffee shop gift card or fill them with candy. There are lots of good options. And there are even more fun options when it comes to finding the right mug.

$14.99 and Prime
$8.99 and Prime
$16.25 and Prime
$10.89 and Prime
$12.99 and Prime; Darth Vader and Boba Fett mugs available for $19.99 and Prime

(If you go with the fishing mug for the angler in your life, consider pairing it with this fishing memory picture frame for a very nice — and meaningful — gift!)

$13.99 and Prime

For the kiddos

And, of course, we can’t forget gift ideas for kiddos. I’m making a priority this year to only buy things my kids will use. Of course they have given me ideas for bigger things they want. But I purposefully trying to add small gifts that they will actually play with or use versus just buying a bunch of cheap stuff that breaks quickly or is tossed aside. It was with that in mind that I looked for some interesting gifts kids would actually like.

The first one has to be this Little Live Pets Wraptile. I got this for my son. for Christmas this year. Then he inadvertently saw it (through no fault of his own), so I let him have it. He has played with it every single day ever since. He absolutely loves it! One of his favorite features is that he talk into a microphone on it and it will say what he said (in its voice). He also likes that the eyes change color based on what mood the creature is in, which is pretty neat.

$9.74 and Prime One-Day

Next up are these DIY take-apart vehicles. If you’re buying for a kiddo who loves taking things apart to see how they work and explaining it all (like my youngest!), this is the ideal gift that comes in construction vehicles, police cars, military vehicles and fire trucks for $16.99 to $23.99.

$16.99 to $23.99 for 4 different styles (the construction vehicle shown is $20.99) and Prime One-Day

Going along the same line as taking things apart and putting them back together, the Lego Creator sets are different from usual Legos. Each set builds three different things. My son has had various sets of them and loves each one. This Extreme Engines kit builds a speedboat, race car and hot rod. I like them also because they are reasonably priced (especially for Legos) and with three different design options, it just increases the value for your money.

$9.99 and Prime One-Day

For kiddos as young as 24 months, this dog grooming and doctor kit actually straps on like a backpack. It comes with an adorable white plush dog and a variety of accessories that any kiddo would enjoy playing with.

$21.99 and Prime

This Barbie zoo doctor set is pretty darn cool. It comes with adorable animals as well for lots of pretend play fun!

$19.99 and Prime

And as the mom of a 10-year-old girl who enjoys crafts, we have had our fair share of craft kits, jewelry making kits and the like. What I love most are crafts that the kiddo can actually use. This DIY water bottle fits that bill nicely. It comes with markers and and gemstones so your kiddo can personalize it.

$9.97 and Prime One-Day

When I was a kid, I had something very similar to this rainbow silk streamer and loved it! I made up so many routines and dances and flung that thing all over the place. It would be a hit with kids a wide array of ages. I can see my 10-year-old playing with it now but also from the time she was 2 or 3 as well! You can get one for $12.95 or two for $22.95. (It actually also can be ordered in sets of five and 10 as well!)

$12.95 and Prime

Continuing the stroll down memory lane leads us to a Light Bright. Remember those? It’s a great holiday gift idea for any kiddo. Mine have one they share that they got a couple of years ago. They both really like it. (And you can also order a refill pack for only $9.99 if you have missing pegs!)

$14.97 and Prime One-Day

Games are also a great idea for Christmas gifts. If you’ve got little kiddos on your list, check out this list of five cheap games for small children the whole family will love. Then add to it a couple of classics that have been updated! First up is the classic hot potato game. Instead of someone having to play music and hit stop at random, the potato now plays music and stops on its own. How nice is that?!

$9.99 and Prime

Another update on a classic game is this Connect 4 Shots game. I got it for one of my nephews one year and my own kids the next. We have had fun with it. It has the same basic rules as the classic Connect 4 but with the twist of having to bounce balls into the holder instead of dropping in pieces. Our whole family enjoys it!

$14.88 and Prime One-Day
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Quirky, fun holiday gift ideas under $25 for everyone on your listQuirky, fun holiday gift ideas under $25 for everyone on your listQuirky, fun holiday gift ideas under $25 for everyone on your list